Easy Homemade Glass Cleaner


The other day I was cleaning the house, readying things for the Thanksgiving influx of visitors, when I realized we were out of glass cleaner. A trip to the store just for glass cleaner seems absurd, and if I waited until the next grocery trip, I'd forget to clean the windows' kiddie handprints and doggy nose prints that were on my mind At That Moment.


A quick online search returned a comparison of various homemade glass cleaners compiled into one post by Crunchy Betty. Bless her soul, the recipe she found most successful included ingredients I had on hand!

Scroll down to the Alvin Corn Glass Cleaner recipe. It worked like a charm on my windows and framed pictures!



Homemade Hot Cocoa

Homemade hot cocoa is so much better than the watery stuff from a packet; it's like comparing the sole of a shoe with a steak.