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Easy DIY Dog Bed

I saw this cute pillow case bed for kids on Pinterest awhile back.
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We recently adopted a dog and wanted to make a dog bed for him, and to do it for cheap. Lucky for us, I remembered this pin and thought that two pillows would be enough, and you can find pillows on sale for really cheap sometimes.

I, being ~~cheap~~ thrifty like usual, made my own pillowcases from some fabric that I had been given. You can make your own pillowcases or buy them.

To Make Your Own Pillowcase:

  1. Cut your fabric, 44 inches by 28 inches.
  2. Hem the long side.
  3. Fold in half with front sides together, and sew the two un-hemmed edges.

If you want to add the letters to your pillowcase:

  1. Cut out your letters out of fabric. Mine were all free handed, but you could use a stencil.
  2. Pin your letters to your pillowcase (Do this after Step 2 while making your pillowcase).
  3. Use a small zig-zag stitch and go around each letter very carefully.
  4. Finish your pillow case, like in Step 3.

Sewing your Pillowcases together:

  1. Turn one of your pillowcases inside out.
  2. Put the other pillowcase in the inside of the other.
  3. Sew the two seams together. Be careful to keep the other parts of the pillowcase out of the way.

Now to finish your dog bed you can turn your pillowcase right side out and put your pillows in both cases.

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The dog loved it, he goes to the softest thing on the floor, and now he will stay off the baby’s blankets and keep to his dog bed.

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The New Bed

It's bedtime, and Emi's asking for a drink before she goes to sleep. But tonight her usual request is accompanied by a more ominous directive. "Mommy," she says, her face solemn, "when you come back, we have to talk."

Sew Easy

I'll let you in on a little secret. While I love to be crafty, make books and go nuts with my sewing machine on my scrapbooks/journals - I'm not much of a sewer.