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Dubsmash for Dads (and moms too)

Have you seen this? Watch this dad's hilarious viral Dubsmash videos with his baby!
DubSmash Dad

Dubsmash as a coping mechanism for raising children? That's right.

Let's all agree that parenting is basically a repeat exercise in figuring out how to stay sane while caring for the needs and (often non-sensical) wants of the relentless and demanding small people we created, and as such, are responsible for.

It can be a vicious cycle, maintaining a sense of humor seems to be key in the process. But what do I know? I'm only 7.5 years into it, talk to me in 10.

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All I know is that this dad, who used Dubsmash to record his way through the first year of his son's life, he seems to be doing it right.

At this point in my parenting game, I've realized that it's pretty much whatever helps you get through, right? For some people that might look like excessive social media usage or perhaps a few adult beverages once the children have gone to bed.

For other people it might be Dubsmash, and in this case, we all benefit from that.

My hat's off to you, comrade!


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