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Dry Hair Driving You Nuts? Add This To Your Routine

Full Disclosure: I live in one of the driest climates in the United States!
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I’m in Utah and we literally rank #2 driest climate.  Yes, we even beat Arizona.

As you can guess, my skin and hair are DRY.  Well, I just found something new that solves the hair problem.

The trick? Try switching out your hair dryer.

Confession. I used a little blue hair dryer for literally 20 years! From the time I was 18, until I was 38! It was held together with electrical tape in it’s last days.

I upgraded and bought a fancy hair dryer. Like the $150 kind. Indeed it dries my hair faster (it’s like unto being in a wind tunnel) but it has definitely dried my hair out a bit and I’ve got a few complaints. The buttons on the handle are horribly designed so that when I hold the handle I’m constantly accidentally turning it off or changing the heat. My girls complain that it burns their head, and it typically leaves me with a bunch of tangles. It’s always falling off the counter, I take some responsibility for that – but it still drives me nuts. But it does dry my hair fast.

Panasonic reached out and asked us to review their “Nanoe™ Moisture Infusion Hair Dryer” with promises of increased moisture and shine. Since I’m a little underwhelmed with my current hair dryer I was game!

Could a hair dryer really ADD moisture to my hair?

We Tried It: Our Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer Review

My kids and I tried the Panasonic hair dryer out (my husband has no hair, he’s disqualified). We’ve all got different hair types:

  • Me = Thick + On The Dry Side
  • 9-Year-Old = Fine (Thin) + Rats Nest
  • 14-Year-Old Girl = Fine (But Lots of Hair) + Damaged/Dry From Some Ombre Highlights
  • 15-Year-Old Boy = Fine + Bleached + Uses Lots of Product
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My Review

I’ve got LOADS of hair. The weather in Utah is hard on my hair and skin.  Because it’s so dry here my hair can get really staticky (which is my biggest complaint about the dry weather). I use a leave in conditioner to help with that and even then my hair is still a bit dry.

This dryer totally tamed my hair. I was skeptical that a dryer could actually add moisture BUT when I was finished my hair definitely softer and the texture was more smooth (and that was WITHOUT using the leave in conditioner).

It did take a bit more time to dry than my wind tunnel machine hair dryer — but the difference is definitely obvious. My guess is that over time I would have LESS split ends by using this hair dryer. 

9-Year-Old Girl

Her hair is fine and SO tangly in the morning. We used the hair dryer this morning before school and her hair was smooth and felt thicker. It really added volume. I also noticed that by day 2 her hair still looked great.  It still felt thicker and continued to behave a whole lot better. 

I’ve got ZERO usable sound bites from her, because let’s all be real . . . the 9-year-old could care less about the hair dryer (or what her hair looks like). Those were the days!

14-Year-Old Girl

She’s due for a haircut. Her hair has grown to insane lengths, she “ombred” the ends of her hair this year, and she’s got some crazy new growth coming in all over her head. Did that happen to you in middle school?!? It’s crazy!

Here’s what she said:

“MOM! Look at my hair! This dryer is LIT! My hair is way softer, my flyaways (shorter new growth) are not sticking up (this was revolutionary), it’s like I’m having a good hair day! It took a little longer to dry but it’s worth it.”

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15-Year-Old Boy

OK, so my son then my son felt left out. He literally said “Yo! How does that blow dryer work?”

He regularly uses a hair dryer too. Boys these days . . . they need volume and product to keep their hair looking it’s best! He, in true teenage boy style, recently bleached his hair to a yellow / platinum. He and 10 of his buddies look just like 1994.

He felt like his hair was softer and held on to his product better.

The Verdict?

The best part is that I got my kids feedback BEFORE they even knew we were reviewing this product online. They thought that I had just brought home a new hair dryer. 

Bottom line:

Better design than my $150 dryer (the buttons are in the right place, it sits perfectly on the counter top). Temperature control was perfect – my biggest critics (my girls) were not getting after me about the heat.

Did it really add moisture to our hair? YES! And it made a visible difference with the first use and the difference sticks. 

Here’s How It Works

How does the Nanoe technology work, you might ask? Here’s what Panasonic has to say:

It draws naturally occurring ions present in the air and breaks them down into significantly smaller particles that are then combined and held together by water molecules. These new moisture-rich nanoe hair dryer particles—with nearly 1,000 times more moisture than regular ions—are infused into the hair while styling. In essence, the nanoe Hair Dryer helps protect and beautify your hair by taking moisture that’s outside and putting it on the inside. The result = smoother, shinier and stronger hair.

Would I Buy It?

Yep. Cheaper than my other dryer, no complaints on design or function, and YES it really does add moisture to your hair (that sticks)!

Pricing + availability:; $89.99 + free shipping

For more information:


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This post is sponsored by Panasonic. As always, the opinions are our own. If we don’t think a product is a good fit for our audience we’ll turn the project down or give you our honest feedback about it.  Bottom line on this project? Everyone at our house is excited to have added this gadget to our arsenal!


Brilliant solution for dry hair!

Dry Hair Driving You Nuts? Add This To Your Routine

I live in one of the driest climates in the United States! I'm in Utah and we literally rank #2 driest climate.  Yes, we even beat Arizona.


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