Do You Watch Award Shows?

Do you watch Award Shows, or do you skip the hullabaloo? Which is your favorite award show?

I love awards season. I'm always down for the Golden Globes, the Grammys, the Tonys, the Emmys, and the Oscars (less than two weeks away!)

Bruno Mars Performs

Bruno Mars Performs

The Golden Globes are hilarious because half of Hollywood is plastered. The Grammys are great because there is always a crash and burn (Oh, Nicki Minaj, that was SuperBad.) The Oscars take themselves Very Seriously, but who doesn't love to watch?

Adele's performance on the Grammys Sunday night was unbelievable. She gave me goosebumps. I'm more of an Etta James fan than a Whitney Houston fan, so the tributes to the most recent dearly departed was just alright.

The other star-making turn on the Grammys? The Civil Wars, what a contrast with some of the flash and bang artists that had come before.

(Oh. And Chris Brown performed. Go read this Rumpus story "Dear Young Ladies Who Would Love Chris Brown So Much They Would Let Him Beat Them" about that whole thing, because that's a whole 'nother post.)

Twitter, Facebook, and the other social networks have made watching awards shows so much more fun. People all over the world seeing the same broadcast at the same time (mostly) and chatting, Tweeting, and cracking jokes. It's more fun than ever to watch award shows. I can't wait to get home on award show nights, turn on the show and fire up the laptop.

Do you join in on the conversation or do you think award shows are just patting themselves on the back in a sparkly dress, while wearing earrings that cost more than a school teacher makes? Which award show is your favorite?

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