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DIY Personalized Suitcase

Whenever you go someplace and have a suitcase, it is likely that 431 other people have the same exact suitcase as you.
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There were/are issues with people stealing suitcases and the ones that are stolen are the ones that look the same as everyone else’s. (See AZ Republic: Suitcase Theft) I hate when I had to pull 3 different suitcases off of the baggage claim to see if they were mine. This is a cheap, easy and fun way to personalize a suitcase without having to spend the big bucks to get something designer and wacky.


Plain Suitcase

Acrylic Paint

Jar Lid/Paper Plate (For the Paint Pallet)

Round Sponge Paint Brushes

Newspaper/Drop Cloth

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1.Stand your suitcase up on your drop cloth, it will be easier to paint all of the sides this way. If you prefer to lay it down, that is fine also, but you will be doing it in stages.

2.Pour your paint on the lid, and dip your paintbrush lightly in paint, making sure it is fully covered. Dab it where you want your dot. Do this again and again until the suitcase is covered with dots all over. You can decide to make them uniform like polka dots or put them wherever you want. Be sure to paint all sides of your suitcase, it will make it easier to spot when coming down the baggage claim belt.

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You don’t have to stick to polka dots, but they are super easy and look cute! I also added my name, but that tends to be a problem when my Mother-in-Law borrows it. Next time I paint one, I’ll have to advertise my blog on it, because it gets noticed and people ask about it! I just used acrylic paint, instead of fabric paint, and it works fine. This suitcase actually predates any of my blogging, so it has been in and out of airports since 2009 and is only a little dingy for being a few years old.

Have fun decorating your suitcases, and have fun traveling!