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DIY Laundry Room Cabinets

I feel almost cliche saying it: where did we find the inspiration for our laundry room cabinets? Pinterest.
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All that pinning came to something!

What we did:

(or better termed, what I observed my husband doing and how I supported him)

I’m going to give you very basic DIY details here, if you have any specific questions please leave a comment and we will expand into more detail.

  • We did a Google search for “cabinet box dimensions” and used those guidelines to determine a few of our sizes. Most important to us was standard height for a counter top.
  • We used particle board to build cabinet boxes
  • Made the back panels with 1/4 inch MDF panels to finish off the back side of the cabinet box. They slid in on a little “track” after the boxes were built. (in the picture you can see that they haven’t been slid in place yet, so you see the wall behind the frame of the boxes.
  • He made the toe kick separate from the cabinet boxes. The “toe kick” is anchored into the studs of the wall
  • We painted the boxes with 4 coats of semi-gloss paint, knowing that the laundry bins would be sliding in and out frequently.
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Top it off:

We’ll take all of the praise you’ve got for the bottom half of the cabinet. But if you’re going to build something awesome and meant to last the ages, it’s worth topping it off right.  Since these were custom cabinets we needed a custom cabinet countertop.

Here are some of the things I had in mind:

  • Timeless – I’m not into updating things often. I wanted something timeless with an easily updatable pattern. (Remember the forest green granite counter tops that were in when we were in high school?)
  • Color – I was married to my wall color before I chose the counter tops.
  • Sample It! – Take the sample piece home. Look at it next to your paint. Look at it with the lights off. Look at it with the kind of light bulbs you’ll be using.  When we were in the store I thought “Wheat” was going to be our color without a doubt. I was ready to commit and walk out the door. Wheat ended up taking in too much of my wall color and didn’t give any contrast at all when I held it up next to the paint. Alloy was the big winner next to the paint color we had committed to.
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Allen and Roth “Wheat”

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Allen and Roth “Alloy”

Counter-top Install:

I’ve grown up around construction my entire life.  I’ve had plenty of experience with contractors, installers, and when things go right and wrong.  Having said that, I was totally blown away by the Allen and Roth install team from Lowes.

  • Scheduling: Lowes has a team who handles all of the scheduling and reminder calls. They were consistent and persistent.  Anyone who has scheduled a contractor in the past knows that scheduling can be the worst part. This was totally pain free.
  • Measuring: They’ll send someone out to measure and take dimensions to create the template. They use thin strips of wood with hot glue to make the template right there at your house. It was nice to make adjustments on the spot for where we’d be moving flooring and how the door would swing and open right next to it.
  • Timing: Once they measured it was a little less than 2 weeks for production and install.  The actually installation was less than half a day.
  • Follow Up: Once everything is installed, Lowes called us to review the service and quality of the install and to see if we had any questions at all.  If you’ve ever worked with a contractor independently you know that there is nothing consistent from contractor to contract in the process or follow up and that because they are often solo they don’t have this kind of band width for follow up. It was refreshing to say the least.
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A Few Decisions:

There are a few things you’ll have to decide on when it comes to your countertop:

  • The Color: You’ve got our deets on that above
  • The Material: Quartz is really popular right now, but I love the way it looks and think that’s it’s really versatile and fits with my “timelessness” requirement.
  • The Edge: We chose an “eased edge”  (which is pretty basic – I’m not too into decorative edges). We also went with a standard thickness on the overhang.
  • Back-splash: Generally you only have a back-splash where water is, but we wanted a small back-splash to make it look more finished. We went with a 3 1/2 inch back-splash.

Finished Product: Glorious Laundry Room Cabinets

* It was hard for me to get shots of the top of the laundry room cabinets counter top that showed the detail that I wanted it to because of light and reflection so I generally had to have shots of the countertop from the side.  You can see the detail shots of the patter or grain of the quartz we chose above.

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What We Used:

More on our remodel project:

Check out what we did!

Laundry Room Cabinets Remodel Series Sponsored by Lowes:

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