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DIY Kids Art Collage

Getting organized is splattered all over the web.
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You can organize the heck out of anything, but the one place where more stuff never stops flowing: Kids art work.

I’m in the camp where I feel guilty for throwing anything away.  I display the artwork for a week or two and then add it to the giant storage box of kids’ memories.  At this rate, I’ll be able to build a retirement retreat out of storage boxes by the time my boys graduate from high school.

Then I saw this post for a Children’s Artwork Collage by Jan Elani on

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Since framing could easily be the most expensive aspect of this, I recommend finding a giant poster frame that you like and adjust your artwork size to the frame size.  Then you can decide how many pieces you want to showcase and print them to the appropriate size to create the grid of individual works.

I’ll wait a few years to pare down the best of the best from my boys’ artwork, and then make one of these so we can see the pieces and enjoy them in a classy way.

Have you found another way to creatively display kids artwork?



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