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DIY Indoor Clothesline in Laundry Closet

DIY Indoor Clothesline in Laundry Closet
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I like to hang dry my clothes in the summer, but I do it inside, outside is too dusty here and I don’t like wearing dusty clothes. Plus, the extra moisture in the air feels good. This website has a calculator that shows approximately how much it would cost you to use your dryer, and that’s not even counting how much more you are paying to run the air conditioning more (if your dryer is inside like mine). It may not be much each time, but every little bit I can do adds up.

I put most of my clothes on hangers and hang them wherever I can, like the doorways, doorknobs, shower, crib, chairs, etc. Those places work fine, but the clothes can get in the way, not to mention it looks terrible and it’s hard to remember where you left everything, especially when company is walking in. These clotheslines are perfect because they don’t take up extra space, you can use them while your laundry closet is open, but you can close it to hide it when you’re not using it.

My husband hung my first mini-clothesline under the shelf in our laundry closet awhile ago, but the only rope we had on hand was stretchy so it sags quite a bit every time you try to hang stuff on it. I don’t mind too much — the mini-clothesline is perfect for socks, underwear, wash cloths and baby clothes. I finally went to the dollar store and bought some actual clothesline that doesn’t stretch as much.

I put in the second clothesline myself about a year after our mini clothesline (I can’t believe it took me that long to come up with the idea!) so that I could hang all of our other clothes in one place. It works unless I do multiple loads of laundry at a time or a large load of towels. It is nice having it in the laundry closet so that I don’t have an ugly drying rack somewhere taking up more space. I have to say, I love that our laundry closet is out of the way in the hallway, but it sure was hard trying to get a picture!

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DIY Clothesline Materials:





DIY Clothesline Directions:

Clothesline Step 1:

Put each screw in so that the top is at an upwards angle, and use the drill to screw it into the wall. Leave about 1 cm sticking out of the wall so that you can tie the rope around it.

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Clothesline Step 2:

Use a tiny bit to drill where you want your hook. After drilling the hole, screw the hook into the hole.

Clothesline Step 3:

You can now tie your clothesline to the screws. Make sure to pull it tight and double knot the ends. You may have to thread the clothesline through the hook before it is tied to the second screw.

That’s all folks! Now it’s time to get to work washing laundry… it’s not fun but “Laundry today, or naked tomorrow!”


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