DIY Cold Remedies for Kids

We're flying through Kleenex like nobody's business, orange juice is being guzzled, and you can hear tiny chests rattling outside bedroom doors. Basically, we have the plague.
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We are so sick over here. I told our pediatrician this week that I think we have the plague. He wasn't convinced, but let me tell you, IT FEELS LIKE IT.

Seriously, you might catch a germ even from reading something typed in my house.

We've got nasty coughs, sticky and green noses, rashes, high fevers, massive ear infections and general malaise.

It's been a LONG week.

So since we're not going anywhere, there's no time like the present to start creating some DIY cold remedies for the kids...and at this point, mine could use ALL of them...

Warm Garlic Oil for Ear Infections by eHow Health


Warm Salt Water...Gargle, Gargle from iVillage

Wet Socks Therapy as told to us by Erica

Fresh Air by Hpathy

Can you see the germs floating around her?

Can you see the germs floating around her?


Holiday Germs

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