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DIY Chore Chart


I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that no matter how good it looks when I finally go to bed, by the end of the next day, my house will look like it exploded.

Sometimes I have the best little assistant cleaner in the world. Couldn't be more helpful. And other times she tells me that I can pick it up myself. Right. As soon as I put down her brother, finish cooking dinner and packing lunch simultaneously. I lovingly tell her that I know she can do, and that she HAS to do it which is followed by a great deal of grumbling as she slowly picks up blocks. I need a chore chart.

Check out these adorable chore charts from A Spotted Pony. These will definitely help to teach a little responsibility and brighten up your laundry room all at the same time!

Image from A Spotted Pony

Image from A Spotted Pony

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