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DIY Almost Free Nail Polish Tray

The drawer where I keep my nail polish looked like this earlier:
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I wanted to put all of my nail polish stuff in a tray so I can take it out and be able to do my nails in front of the tv. Unfortunately I am on a spending fast so I had to come up with something without spending a dime. Luckily I had duct tape on hand, and it was cute too!


Cereal Box (trash=free!)

Duct Tape


1.Cut cardboard

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2.Tape some of the sides together. Bend the sides to where they need to go and tape the rest of the sides.

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3.Tape the two sides of the inside of the nail polish tray. This part is decorative only. Once those two sides are taped, tape the length of the rest of the inside of the tray.

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4.Tape the top edge of the tray.

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Fill the new tray with nail polish or other stuff and have a nicely organized drawer!

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