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Disney Magic Cruise Adventure Review

Have you ever wondered what taking your family on a Disney Cruise would be like? We have your inside scoop with a Disney Magic cruise review.
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Disney Magic Cruise Ship Disney
Disney Magic® Cruise Ship   Disney Cruise Line

Have you ever wondered what taking your family on a Disney Cruise would be like? We have your inside scoop: Texas mama Carrie had the chance to take her family on the Disney Magic out of Galveston.

"We are on day four of our Disney Magic cruise through the Western Caribbean, and I’ve already decided I’ll never sail another cruise line again with kids. When it comes to entertaining kids, Disney knows what they are doing.

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The first two days of the Disney Magic cruise were at sea, and I was a little worried I would struggle with keeping the kids entertained. They are, after all, three-years-old and fifteen-months-old, and with their short attention spans, keeping them entertained is a daily project. Turns out, I need not have worried.

In fact, I’ve been having the opposite problem – what do we do first, and what are we going to have to miss out on..."

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