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Discovery Gateway Membership Sale

I got a call from my cute Dad over Christmas break asking if we’d like to go to Discovery Gateway.
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Perfect, that was one thing I wanted to do over Christmas break that we hadn’t yet.  So I said YES!! After all my 1 year had never been and my  2 year old had not been in over a year (the younger kids always get the shaft).  Well to my wonderful surprise, memberships were on sale and since the bill that day would pay for half of a membership I went for it!  I forgot how much my kids love this place!!

I knew the balls and water would be a huge hit with the younger ones!

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(this cute lady was making my little girl smile,  turns out she’s a photographer, thank you!)

And the rock climbing wall was great for the big boys!`

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I don’t know why I don’t make it a priority to come once a month.  I mean with all the programs and events that are held monthly, it is a no- brainer!

So Utah Mama’s if you have been contemplating a membership to Discovery Gateway, now is the time!!  And if this isn’t more incentive they will be having a member play date once a month only for members.

Get $20 off any membershipand let your little ones play.  This offer expires January 31, 2011.