Digital Coupons

A friend of mine recently asked if there was a place to find digital coupons and download them to her loyalty cards vs.
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clipping out and having to sort through coupons based on her grocery list.  Her question got me thinking and I started searching to see what was out there.  While I didn’t find the ultimate digital coupon database, I did find several sites (and aps) that are worth checking out.  I also think in the next year or so, printable coupons will become a thing of the past and digital coupons will prevail so we are bound to see more coupon sites pop up.

  • Cellfire – Download free manufacturer grocery coupons to your loyalty card for Tom Thumb or Kroger.  They also have an iPhone ap so you can download coupons from your phone (they may have aps for other smart phones too)
  • Shortcuts – Download free manufacturer grocery coupons to your loyalty card for several chains such as Tom Thumb, Safeway, and Kroger
  • Target – you can sign up (or download the ap) to receive mobile coupons via text, but standard rates apply
  • Kroger , Tom Thumb, Safeway – if you shop here, sign up your loyalty card online and you can save coupons directly to your card, next time you shop and scan your card, all your coupons will pop up and redeem if you purchase a particular product
  • P&G eSaver – download product coupons directly to your loyalty card, they have partnered with most grocery stores
  • RetailMeNot – if you do any online shopping, you MUST check this site out before you buy anything again.  Ninety-five percent of the time, I can find a coupon code for free shipping, 10% – 30% off my order, etc.
  • Coupon Aps – there are several free coupon aps that you can download to search for things in your area (in addition to store aps) and save to your phone such as Yowza, Grocery IQ, Valpak, etc.  Most of these offer coupons and deals on other things besides grocery, but they are still a great way to grab deals while on the go.  You will never pull in to your favorite pizza place or clothing store and forget your coupon again, lol.