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Time Change And Kids

Once upon a time, in a world before children, the fall changing of the clocks was a holy and marvelous experience. And then you had children...
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Time Out

Once upon a time, in a world before children, the fall changing of the clocks was a holy and marvelous experience. An entire new hour found! Extra sleep just as the pressures of school, work, or the impending holidays reached a fever pitch. Standard time was like a gift from the universe just because you were alive to witness it.

And then you had children.

Children who don't care what the clock say; they'll be up at 5:30 am just as if it was 6:30 am. They rub that time change in your face like a sweaty frat towel. Suddenly those halcyon days of 60 whole extra minutes seem as unattainable as your junior year jeans. So how are you dealing with the time change and kids?

One mom, Jenny of Formerly Phread, used her wiles: she didn't change the clocks in her house and sent all her kids to bed at 7pm.

Another mom, Becks, says she loves the time change because her kids get up an hour earlier and they have "eliminated the last minute chaos."

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As for me, I do miss that extra hour of sleep, but the baby going to bed an hour earlier is freeing up more of my evening to get more things done. This is also the time of year that all the clocks in the house go back to being the right time! (What, like I'm the only one who never gets around to changing half the clocks?) If I were responsible I'd remind you to check your smoke and CO2 alarm batteries, but I'm not responsible. Instead, I'm going to remind you that it's not your imagination, you are exhausted, and you have permission to go to bed.

How are you and your little ones adjusting to the time change? Do you have any tricks to share with the rest of us?

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