Daily Half Time for Kids

The quiet time this morning reminded me that my kids like their rooms and need to learn and appreciate alone time.

We're one week into summer, and I woke up to horrible screaming at 6:45am. Daddy went to work and our little one was awake and unhappy about being left behind. Then the bigger one woke up, too. I turned on the TV and went back to bed. Don't judge. I'm not a morning person. Ten minutes later when it was evident that my kids could not handle one another alone, I sent them to their rooms. They played quietly for an hour. An Hour!


This is when I decided to institute Half Time.

Half Time is Quiet Time dressed up in a cool name. My boys don't nap anymore and are wise to the quiet time ploy. But geez, even strong athletes need a Half Time! The fact is, we can't handle being around one another from 7am until 8+pm every day. They get tired of one another and more fights ensue; the family room and yard need a kid break; I need to allow my mind to turn inward for a few minutes. The quiet time this morning reminded me that my kids like their rooms and need to learn and appreciate alone time.

Therefore, Half Time. Schedules may vary, but I'm aiming for 3-4pm each day. Now we need to work on our wake-up time...

How do you handle summer routines and rest time?

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