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Curious George Party Favors

We have a February birthday in our house.
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And although this year was only our third celebration, I have now three times mourned the fact that she was born during an inappropriate time for parties at the park, swim parties or BBQ blowouts. For years to come, we will be busy celebrating at the ice skating rink, the bowling alley, the movie theater and Build-A-Bear. Since she’s still of an age where she’d have a hard time picking up a bowling ball, this year we celebrated at the gym where she takes weekly classes.

The party was great, and to go along with the playing or “monkeying” around idea of swinging from bars at the gym and bouncing all over the place, we went with a monkey theme.

As I was perusing the dollar section at Target and looking at the usual bubbles and crayons and coloring books, I had my monkey party favor vision. I went on Ebay and for $40 purchased twenty Curious George books, making each party favor only $2 per child. Just for a little extra monkey punch, I had my husband make these crafty monkey labels, and I tied a banana to each book.

Books are keepers, bananas are healthy, and I felt like one creative lady. What are some of your snazziest party favor ideas? I only have 11 months before this is going to roll around again…

Party on…