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Cupcake Birthday Party for a 30 Year Old?

I LOVE cupcakes. Love, love, love.
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They are delicious, adorable, and I am wholeheartedly embracing this cupcake craze that is sweeping the country.  I could eat my way through all the cupcake stores.

Now since I have self diagnosed myself with cupcake fever, I consider myself to be a little bit of a cupcake connoisseur.  I know my tasty treats, and some might say I’ve even been around the cupcake block.

So it is with a lot of cupcake confidence that I can state that Teacake Bake Shop is my VERY favorite place to buy cupcakes.  Imagine my delight on one of my trips to Teacake to discover that they have BIRTHDAY PARTIES there.  Minimum age for the party guests is six years, and since I was pregnant at the time I read about this, I was mentally calculating what year my little unborn child could hold her birthday court at her mom’s favorite spot.  Y’all should be hoping to get that invite in 2015, it’s going to be a blast.

But in the shower today, I had a revelation.  Yes, I think about cupcakes even in the shower.  Why wait?  Do you have to be six to have a birthday party at Teacake?  The big 3-0 is right around the corner for me, and I want to have my party at Teacake!  What ladies would not want to be rounded up for a champagne toasting, cupcake baking and decorating, girl bonding good time?  I think it’s genius!

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So I will be contacting them about adult birthday requirements.  However, if you are looking at Teacake for more of a “kid” angled birthday, here are some facts, directly from the LOVELY Teacake website…

Cupcake Package: $30 per guest

o Frost 3 vanilla, 3 chocolate, and 3 pink velvet cupcakes with 4 buttercreams.

o Roll and cut out fun fondant decorations in various colors.

o Decorate cupcakes with fondant and a variety of sprinkles.

o Take home cupcakes to share in individual bakery boxes.

Cookie Package: $30 per guest

o Decorate 5 large sugar cookies and 4 vanilla frosted cookies

o Roll and cut out fun fondant decorations in various colors.

o Decorate cookies with fondant and a variety of icings and sprinkles

o Take home cookies to share in individual bakery boxes.

A La Carte Options:

o Pink Balloon $0.75/guest

o Cookie favor (4 mini chocolate chunk cookies per bag) $3.50/guest

o 3.5” Cupcake cutter favor $3.50/guest

o Cupcake Candle favor $3.50/guest

o Streamers and Decorations $15

o Special Cupcake or Cookie “cake” including party plates, utensils, and milk $45

o Tea and Cookies $15

o Jessie Steele Cupcake kid’s apron $15/child

There is a ten guest limit, and as I mentioned earlier, minimum age is six.  No maximum age listed!  My girlfriends should start dragging out their aprons…


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