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Creative Christmas: Ornaments

Jen Price shares a wonderful round up of handmade ornament patterns from around the web.
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Jen Price shares:

I remember growing up with all kinds of handmade ornaments on our tree. My mom was a sucker for anything my brother and I made. But you know what? Those were the most precious ornaments on that tree and the ones, that now, I look at and smile. It’s not because they were beautiful works of art but because they added a little extra special touch. They’re the ones that will be forever treasured.

We’ve probably all made the popcorn and cranberry garland at some time but let’s go a little beyond that. With Google as my guide, I’ve listed my top picks for Christmas ornament making this year in the categories of knitting, sewing, felt, and crafting.

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Creative Christmas :: Ornaments

I remember growing up with all kinds of handmade ornaments on our tree.

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