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My daughter's wall looks like well, a very, very blank wall. We moved in over a year ago, and there it sits. We DID paint it yellow. So I think that sort of counts for some type of home improvement action, but overall, BORING. And just to make me feel even guiltier, her brother's room is done up. I don't think she's noticed the different yet, but still, it makes me feel guilty.

Now that she's three and super mature, I'm moving past some of the more baby type wall decorations that she had in her room at our old house and am moving forward to a more mature wall design. I'm going to CREATE a frame gallery. Emphasis on create. I need some help with this crafty project, so I've consulted with the Pottery Barn website since their catalog is abundant in images of frame galleries. Click here to see some of the recommended frame gallery styles and a little how to guide for those crafty people who may need a little hand holding. Like me.

And my last click here is to my favorite little piece of wall art from Etsy that's going to anchor my frame gallery. Words to live by.

Photo from Designs by Maria on Etsy

Photo from Designs by Maria on Etsy

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