Community-building among Bay Area Mandarin speakers

Community-building among Bay Area Mandarin speakers
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If you are raising Mandarin-speaking children in the Bay Area and would like to meet or interact with other families like you, I’ve recently learned about (and joined) a number of email groups that may be of interest:

*Advocates for Chinese Education is a Bay Area-based group that promotes Chinese-language learning in local schools. They helped set up the successful immersion programs in San Francisco public schools. Their website is here and their Yahoo group is here. They also produce an annual newsletter and run Mandarin Play and Learn groups for toddlers.

*The Mandarin Immersion Parents Council is an active group of parents whose children are in the SF immersion programs. Their website is a wealth of information about immersion programs around the country, resources for supporting Mandarin learners at home, and news about local schools.

*The Bay Area Chinese Education Community is a Yahoo group “for the sharing of information related to the learning of (Mandarin) Chinese language and culture in the San Francisco Bay Area, Pre-K through high school.” You can sign up to join here.

*Farther south, The Mandarin Chit Chat Yahoo group shares information and resources for Silicon Valley and the South Bay. Sign up here.

Please let me know of other resources I may have missed. I’m not aware of any group that focuses on the East Bay, but if any readers are interested in setting such a group up, send me a message and we can join forces.