Coke Can Bracelet

I found a picture of a Coke can bracelet and a few other brand soda can bracelets on Pinterest.
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You can check out the original post here. I created a version of my own, I don’t think that the original picture was something that was handmade or very cheap to make. My version is!

Tools and Materials:

Empty, Clean Soda Can

“Crappy” Scissors



1.First, you have to cut the can open. Poke a hole with something (like a fork) and then you can take a pair of crappy scissors (I’m VERY picky about what each pair of my scissors are used for) and cut around the top. Cut as close to the top before the ridge. Be careful and cut slowly, if your cut is perfect it makes it easier later. Next, cut down one of the sides, I usually cut by the bar code and nutrition facts. Finally, cut around the bottom of the can, right above the ridge.

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2.Decide how thick you want your bracelet to be and which part of the can you want to feature. Cut a little above the part you want and a little below. (Unless you are using one of the top or bottom edges that are already cut.)

3.Time to get to bending the edges. The way to do it is simple, but make sure you go in order, or you can bend it too far at one time and tear it. First bend one of the edges of your can to about 90 degrees. Finish the entire side that way. Now you can flatten it. Do this for each side, make sure it’s really flat and won’t snag on anything.

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4.Now to get the holes for your ribbon, string or elastic you will want to punch a small initial hole and use a pen to widen it. Use the pliers to flatten the edges, and then you can put in your ribbon (or elastic or whatever you’re using). The ribbon was pretty but hard to tie onto your own wrist. I used the elastic so that the can bracelet would stretch but still fit around my wrist (I have small wrists) and I had the elastic from a pair of flip flops, so the entire project just cost me my time. (I count the coke can as trash, and trash is free material!)

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Keep your eyes out because I will be posting a cute coke can necklace soon!

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