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Closet Makeover: Organize Those Accessories

My mom has a nice, big jewelry box from the seventies. The kind with lots of velvet-lined drawers and a lid that opens to reveal hooks for necklaces and a sea of tiny velvety logs for holding rings.

I have pined for that jewelry box. I’ve plotted it’s move to my home. (I’d leave the jewelry!) I’ve scoured the internet for a similar box. I can’t find one...or, if I do, it costs a fortune.

So as I’ve wished for that box, my accessories have piled up and gotten a wee bit out of control.

I was convinced that, without that box, there was no hope.

Until I saw Kat’s post on organizing her accessories. 

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Image via Kitsch by Kat

Image via Kitsch by Kat

A few dishes, bins, and hooks from Target and I’m good to go!

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