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We've talked a lot lately about getting organized. Organizing the laundry room, organizing the actual laundry, organizing our kids and just organizing our lives. The question on the site right now is "How Are Your New Year Organization Plans Going?" and the winning answer is "Still have a ways to go".

I'm not going to lie. That answer makes me feel a lot better. How am I doing on my organizing? Not so hot. I'm trying, but sometimes getting ALL the way on the ball is a little overwhelming.

Bring in my personal role model, Martha Stewart. Click here to view this Cleaning Checklist of six things that you should do each and every day to keep your home and life running in a more organized fashion. I know what you're thinking. It's Martha Stewart. What are the six things? Creating custom shaped butter balls? Nope. That Martha is LEGIT. This is a very reasonable list...not overwhelming, but keeps you completely on track. Martha doesn't seem like a lady who goes off the rails, so you can imagine her list wouldn't either.

Get organized!

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