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Choosing a Wedding Date – The Fall Equinox

Do you remember choosing a wedding date?
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What factors drove your decision? A favorite season? The anniversary of your first date? Knowing the venue you wanted was available? Does a certain holiday have special meaning to you?

Considering things like price of flowers, the time needed to get a dress made, the weather and family schedules are all great ways to get information to help you decide. You may even want to consult the Old Farmer’s Almanac for historic temperatures and rainfall in your area.

For me, it was about the moon, the holiday…and then the right man.

As a young teenager, I remember walking along the beach on the night of a full moon. It was like being on the “Love Boat.” Wherever I walked, the line of the moon’s reflection on the water was following me. It was constant and next month, I knew it’d be there again. For a kid facing separated parents, moving and starting high school in a new town, I was ready for anything that was CONSTANT.

I was fascinated with the moon, its power over the tides, its waxing and waning. I’d stay up late in the summer to watch it rise and set. My friend, Carrie and I decided it would be awesome to layout at night to get a “moon tan” since it wouldn’t be so hot. So, at age 13, I’d fallen in love…with the moon, which meant I’d certainly get married on a full moon, assuming I found someone to marry.

Did you choose your wedding date based on your favorite day of the week? Weddings on a Saturday are the most popular, but you can save money by getting married on a week day.

I’ve always loved Thursday. Maybe it was the anticipation of the weekend or maybe the classic TV shows I loved on Thursday nights (Family Ties, The Cosby Show, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century)? Nothing bad could happen on a Thursday.

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Add Thursday plus Full Moon and my teenage self made a list of every Thursday with a full moon for 20 years into the future and wrote it in my journal.

As a young adult, living in Hong Kong, I enjoyed joining with locals to celebrate the end of the summer with the Harvest Moon Festival, held on the first full moon following the fall equinox. It’s full of lanterns and moon cakes and feasts with family, similar to the American Thanksgiving. A fun holiday AND a full moon. What could be better?

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What happened when I met the man of my dreams? We were friends, he disappeared during “busy season”, which means never marry an accountant from January to April or you’ll be spending your anniversaries alone, and then he resurfaced. We started dating, fell in love, talked about marriage and looked at a calendar.

Since we’d both lived in Asia, and we had a few full moons ahead of us until the fall, guess how we ended up choosing our wedding date?

On a perfect fall day, 71 degrees and sunny, with a full moon rising in the evening, I married the man of my dreams. Every fall and every full moon, I remember what a lucky woman I am to have found someone so wonderful to share life’s journey. Happy Anniversary to my Man and Happy Fall Equinox to the rest of you!

Were you as crazy as me in choosing your wedding date?


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