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Check Out Her Apps: Erin’s List

Just because the iTunes app store boast eleventy trillion apps and counting, doesn’t mean that they are all gems. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites...
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We’ve got more than a few iPhone users among on our staff and in our lives. But just because the app store boast eleventy trillion apps and counting, doesn’t mean that they are all gems. That’s why I’m always asking fellow iPhone users for recommendations.

I thought I’d share a few of my favorites...


Intuition: Mom’s Personal Assistant (recommendation of Katie Goodman)

I’m a big time list maker. This is the first app/tool that has eliminated my need for a pen and paper list. You can customize the list topics however you please. For instance, my current list includes a “For Baby” category (for all of the pre-baby prep), a “This Week” category (for everything that needs to be done, you guessed it, this week), a “Naptime” category (for the tasks that I want to get done during naptime) among others. I love the color coded list and the ability to set due dates and alarms.

Intuition app

Keeper Password & Data Vault

I’ve got too many username/password combos to remember, plus a pesky inability to remember anyone’s social security number besides my own. This app helps me keep those handy while keeping them safe. (So safe that at times this app borders on being a pain in the tush when I mistype my password.)

Pandora Radio

The ability to listen to Pandora via my car stereo or iPhone speaker doc in my kitchen is a thing of beauty.


This app is the ultimate in white noise. Handy for traveling with kids and drowning out noise during naptime, great for falling asleep to the sound of a rain storm and WONDERFUL for working on a laptop while someone gets their fill of American Idol.

Tweetdeck for iPhone

I love Tweetdeck for sorting my Twitter feed. I’ve got separate streams for local tweets, tweets by food bloggers, specific # terms and my favorites. This app pulls those categories through to my iPhone too.

IMDb Movies & TV

Like random movie and TV factoids? Me too.

For Toddlers:

ABC Animals

I love the artwork on this app. It kept my girl happy in a pinch and I could feel good about learning the ABC’s.

ABC app
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Recommended for You

Wheels on the Bus

Just what it sounds like—the famous song set to motion with fun screen tap action that makes the windshield wipers swoosh.

Wheels on the Bus app

Peekaboo Barn

Fun for learning animal sounds and effective as a quick game while waiting in the doctor’s office when you’d really like the kiddo to keep all of the waiting room toys out of their mouth.

Peekaboo Barn app

*My kiddo is starting to outgrow these. If you have recommendations for preschooler-friendly apps, please comment below!


Angry Birds

Yes, me and the rest of the free world. Great game to keep you busy when pregnancy insomnia kicks in.

Parachute Panic

Stick figures jump out of planes. You control the parachute and try to keep them out of shark-infested waters. Good times!

Photo Fun:


Many of the photos that I’ve shared on this site are taken with my iPhone and “processed” with CameraBag. I love the “magazine” and “1974” treatments.

See! It looks like a photo from my parents old school photo album. Nope. Taken last week.

See! It looks like a photo from my parents old school photo album. Nope. Taken last week.


Turn your photo into a polaroid, complete with retro sound and shake action to make the photo appear.

What are your favorite iPhone apps? :)



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