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Celebrity Muffin Tops

I may or may not have bought a Forbes magazine to cover up the copy of "In Touch" that I picked up at the airport the other day.

While flipping through it (and by "it" I mean the trashy celeb mag) I noticed that there was an "upclose" on Christina Applegate playing football and a quote about her post baby body vs. Jessica Alba's post baby body. And then on page 20 there's a photo inset of Amy Adams with a quote "I have a muffin top, and that's okay right now."

Amy Adams Muffin Top Muppets

Image from ScreenCrave

And on the next page there is Angelina Jolie. Someone please give her the top of a muffin to eat. For reals.

Angelina Jolie celebrity mom

Celebrity magazines run unrealistic articles shining a big light on the stars who lose their baby weight in 2 weeks. They also seem to feel the need to turn the spotlight on the moms who haven't reached their pre-pregnancy form quite that fast, as if they are an anomoly. In 6 months they'll be running new headlines for Christina and Amy: "How I lost 15 pounds!" gasp! miracle! It's ridiculous.

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I feel almost cliche ripping on the celebrity magazines and how they mess with our body image and perception of reality. But what I can't stand anymore is this obsession with covering those topics like breaking news. Do you think I'm really at home dying because someone's got a muffin top. I'm high-fiving them in my head! We're obsessed with looking into celebrities lives and looking at pictures of them doing real things, like drinking a latte or going to the grocery store, but apparently we want them portrayed as supernatural when it comes to having babies.

For heaven sakes, can we all just have permission to not fit into our jeans the day we leave the hospital? Nay, even 6 months from walking out the doors? Everyone needs a minute with their muffin top. It's a fact of life.

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