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Carina's Summer Bucket List

Rootbeer floats, seashells, and catching a snake; it's a classic American summer bucket list to celebrate the season with your family.
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summer by the sea
carina summer bucket list

The days are getting longer, school is wrapping up, and it's time for us to come up with our summer bucket list! Everything that we want to do as a family to keep us entertained and make the memories that will last forever.

  1. Get a Big Girl Car 
  2. Road Trip to Visit Family 
  3. Perfect Our Travel Kit so We're Prepared
  4. California Beaches 
  5. Collect Seashells
  6. Eat Fish Tacos by the Shore
  7. See the Hollywood Sign 
  8. Hit L.A. Fabric District 
  9. Lemonade Stand
  10. Blow our Lemonade Stand Profits on Penny Candy
  11. Cupcake Stand
  12. Save Our Cupcake Stand Profits for a Rainy Day
  13. Ice Cream Cones and Hot Dogs for Dinner
  14. Frozen Grapes and Melons for Snacks
  15. Run Out of Otter Pops
  16. Feed the Neighborhood Kids PB&Js
  17. Overnight Camping With Grandpa
  18. Catch a Fish
  19. Find The North Star
  20. Hike Up a Rock Canyon
  21. Spy a Snake
  22. Catch a Tarantula (and Let it Go Before You Bring it Home)
  23. Swimming Lessons to Keep Us Safe
  24. Handwriting Practice to Keep Us Sharp
  25. Wear Out a Community Pool Pass
  26. A "No Socks" July
  27. Late Night Fireworks
  28. A Grand Parade With Loud Cannons
  29. Rootbeer Floats Until We're Sick
  30. Picnic on a Mountain
  31. Sunday Drive During a Rainstorm
  32. Go to a RoofTop Concert with Old Timey Music
  33. Wear a Lot of Caftans (Mom)
  34. Wear just Onesies (Baby)
  35. Live in Shorts (Kids)
  36. Read a Book a Week
  37. Practice Writing Our Names
  38. Win the Library Contests by Reaching Reading Goals
  39. Pretend to be More Serious About our Notebooks
  40. Make Fun Math Drills
  41. Teach Kids to Do and Put Away Dishes
  42. Go Puddle Jumping With Barefeet
  43. Make a Boat out of a Leaf and Set it Sail in the Gutter
  44. Plant a Tomato Plant
  45. Keep Herb Garden Alive
  46. Make Pesto from Our Herb Garden
  47. Buy Produce from Roadside Stands
  48. Help Older Kids Cook Dinner For Family
  49. Have Dinner in the Playhouse
  50. Put Sand in the Sandbox
  51. Eat a Little Dirt (Accidentally)
  52. Watch the Rainbows in the Sprinkler Water
  53. Finish Harry Potter Books 3 & 4
  54. Watch Star Wars 27,000,000 Times
  55. Get the Local Theater's Matinee Package for .50 Cent Movies
  56. Throw the Baby a First Birthday Party
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