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Career Transitions ~ Resume Tips

Career Transitions ~ Resume Tips
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Now, more than ever, having a resume that survives the screening process is critical and grabbing their attention is a must. On average a resume receives less than 10 seconds for review- that doesn’t give you much time to draw them in! Sound difficult? Maybe- but certainly not impossible if you know what you are doing. So how do you grab their attention? Here are some tips:

  • Because your resume is reviewed for only seconds, you need to pack the top 1/3 of your resume with relevant keywords and details about your skills.
  • Make sure you do not have any errors on your resume!
  • Use a resume format that makes it easy for the reviewer to quickly glance at and see the important points
  • Lead off with your “Summary of Skills”- this area replaces the “Objectives”area. This is where you present compelling reason to bring you in for the interview. Remember, the resume gets you the interview, the interview gets you the job!
  • Avoid fancy fonts
  • Avoid graphics on your resume
  • Stick to 10-12 pt font- and feel free to mix the two sizes to bring emphasis, to headings for example.
  • If you put it on your resume, be prepared to back it up! In other words you need to be honest on a resume
  • Avoid using “duties included” or “responsible for” instead use action verbsthroughout your resume
  • Remember don’t tell it, instead sell it! Quantify as much as you can on your resume, for example, “Increased overall sales of department” quantify it if you can “Increased departmental sales by 43% yearly”
  • No need to place “References available upon request” on your resume
  • Do include all relevant experience, including any experience gained through volunteer work
  • The vast majority of resumes submitted electronically are initially put through a screening process. The computer that is screening the resume has specific key words programmed in- if your resume does not contain these exact key words, your resume will likely end up in the virtual “file 13.”
  • Look for key words in the job advertisement- if they are looking for an organized individual with the ability to multi task, (and this describes you) then use this exact language in your resume. If they are looking for someone with Excel skills, then state specifically that you are competent using Excel (versus generalizing by saying MS Office.)
  • Don’t hesitate to sell yourself in your resume- you are your own marketer! Also, you can rest assure that your competition is not holding back or being shy about selling their skills!
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