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Summertime Cardstore Discount Code

Summertime. The days are long, the nights are warm, and the livin', oh, it's easy.

Oh snap, it's so easy, you finally have time to remember your friends and family. Did you forget your niece's birthday? Could you stand to write a few thank you notes? And what about your college roommate to whom you promised you'd drop a line?

I got you. Why not take your lazy afternoon and use to create your own card for a friend you haven't seen all year? No more excuses. May is over, and it's six months until December. The best part of using is that you can click over, design your card, and they'll print, stamp, and mail it out for you. That's right, your summer got even lazier, even while you got smarter.

So send a card from You can even use this 20% off code to save your pennies for more shaved ice.

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