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Cabin Fever Ideas

How do you beat cabin fever? Share your favorite tips.
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Who has cabin fever?

Winter is a killer. Wrestling them into jackets. Wet playground equipment. Colds, flus and coughs.

Don't feel too terrible for me...I live in California, so this horrendous winter I'm describing means that it's 60 degrees. Hey, that's cold here! And even people who live in California are stuck inside with cold-ridden children.

Days of straight up inside time with two coughing children (and I love them, I really, really, really do) and you may just start to twitch.

We love being out. Running errands, going to school, going to gym class, heading out to lunch, play dates, you name it, we're out the door. The very first thing my daughter asks me every morning is where we're going that day. She's a girl who likes an itinerary.

When you're stuck at home, you need a plan. If you don't have a plan, it's going to get crazy. Crazy like every single toy, lego, Barbie heel, crayon and puzzle piece that you own will be thrown around your house like a tornado has blown right through your living room.

Make a plan. Cook. Bake. Color. Paint (if you have the internal strength). Clean (my daughter is obsessed with cleaning toilets). Or go on Pinterest. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I am obsessed with Pinterest.

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The ideas for entertaining toddlers on Pinterest make me feel like the biggest craft loser ever. I wonder why I haven't thought of ONE of these things, yet they are the easiest, and most genius cabin fever ideas ever.

Check out these incredible, "It's Not a Glitter Wand" bottles by Pink Pistachio.

Photo Courtesy of Pink Pistachio

Photo Courtesy of Pink Pistachio

Have you heard of toddler busy bags? The Rigneys had a toddler busy bag party where each mom made twenty bags and they all swapped with each other. BEST IDEA EVER. Click here to view the list of what they made. If you know me, prepare to receive a "Busy Bag Swap" party invite SOON.

Photo Courtesy of The Rigneys

Photo Courtesy of The Rigneys

You're going to need a BIG bag of corn, but this idea from Play at Home Mom LLC would keep my daughter busy for a long, long time. Boom. Think of all you could get done.

Photo Courtesy of Play at Home Mom LLC

Photo Courtesy of Play at Home Mom LLC

How do you handle cabin fever at your house?


Photo courtesy or Make and Takes

Creative Cabin Fever Cures

My go-to activity is baking. But there is only so many cookies and muffins that a family can eat. So we search for something to keep the kiddos occupied, engaged and off the couch. Here are a few great ideas for curing cabin fever...

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Cabin Fever Kid Tricks

How easily I forget the AWFUL cabin fever that sets in this time of year.

Coping With Cabin Fever

Emma just walked by me. My 6-year-old girl is decked out in my wedding veil and a summer sundress despite the 17-degree weather.

Snowman and Boys

Resources: Winter Outdoor Fun

Looking for some outdoor activities to beat your cabin fever this winter? We’ve compiled ideas for the kids, the adults and everyone in between.


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