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Bubble Fogger Review

Hey ghouls and goblins!
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I wanted to give you another great Halloween idea to complete your party or your shocktober… It is the Gemmy Bubble Fogger, shown below. It is a really cool device that will bring even more magic to your Halloween night, although, it technically could be used for any type of party! Read on for my bubble fogger review and where you can find it now!

Now this machine is pretty cool, definitely a Robomom must have. First, let me tell you how it works. There is a compartment in the back with a twist cap, where you are supposed to fill it with fog liquid solution. This is your “steam” or “fog” for your bubbles. In the front, you will see where the tip dips up and down, and that is where you put the bubble liquid, or bubble juice. You turn the machine on, allow it to warm up for about a minute and decide if you want small bubble or large bubbles.

Once the machine is ready to go, the fog will fill the bubbles and blow them out, and they are really awesome. They almost look like heavy bubbles, fat in a way, and when you pop them, puffs of smoke break out and release into the air. From what I understand, it can be used just for bubbles, if you do not use liquid in the back. It can also be used as a fogger, if you don’t use bubble solution in the front. It serves so many purposes and the kids will get a real kick out of it.

You see, growing up, I found bubbles to be a constant disappointment, sometimes the solution would work, but just when you really wanted it to, it would spill, or your bubble wand would break. This machine takes the worry out of it, and the disappointment, and it has worked for me consistently for about 4 years! I am happy to recommend it and hope you enjoy it if you try it!

One thing you must know, is it is sold online at a number of stores, and the prices range widely. I will give you a few websites below that you can check out for yourself and decide. Remember, often times, the stores that charge more do so because they have a very lenient return policy, so keep that in mind too! Happy bubble fogging!

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