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Brené Brown - Wholehearted

Got a few minutes? These are minutes well spent. Here's a little inspiration about connection, vulnerability and authenticity to get your week started right.

Brené is more than fabulous. She also spoke at evo'10 about authenticity and melted our minds with her awesomeness. I stumbled across this talk she gave at TEDx in Houston. Enjoy!

P.S. I just learned how to make an accent over the e! On your Mac: Press "option" and "e" at the same time, the accent will appear highlighted on your screen. Enter the letter you would like and voila! You have an accent. There you have it, I've given you both inspiration and technical information in the same post!

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Super Exciting Keynote Speakers Announced for Evo’10

We’re feeling all sorts of giddy around here. You know, that kind of heart-pounding, excited energy that used to be reserved for kids on Christmas morning...there is a bit of that energy peppering our conversations as we continue to polish the plans for Evo’10.

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EVO'10 Opening Keynote

We kicked off EVO’10 with 4 fabulous speakers focused on the theme “Evolution Defined”. Nirasha Jaganath, Stephanie Quilao, Wendy Sachs and Heather Spohr left us inspired and in awe.

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evo'11 Speaker Announcements

We've been working for months and it's time to let the cat(s) out of the bag!

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2010 Blogger Recap: Rachael Herrscher

Snap! 2010 goes down in the books as one crazy year. But of course, with all of the crazy comes all of the good. Here are a few favorites that I must share:

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Announcing evo Conference 2011!

The time has come to share the dates for evo ’11 with you. Mark your calendars!

Podcasts for Teens

The Podcasts I Make My Teenagers Listen To

I make my kids listen to 4 podcasts a month as their cell phone "payment". It's simple, $35 or 4 podcasts? They choose podcasts every time. Here's the big list!

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Brene Brown is Getting Her Own Netflix Special

Guys. GUYS! Brene Brown—the oracle of vulnerability, shame, and unpacking the stories we tell ourselves—is getting a Netflix special of her very own!