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Boy Bands Have Hit Our Household! NKOTB and 1D

At the age of 15, I, along with one of my dearest friends, saw New Kids On the Block (NKOTB) perform in Fresno.
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We were probably one of the oldest fans there, yet we screamed, danced, and sang along with them. In my mind, we were one of their biggest fans. In fact, my dream was set on one day marrying Jordan Knight, one of the lead singers. Yes, “I’ll be loving you forever”.

Fast forward to the age of 40:  I’m happily married, a mom to two small kids and still consider myself one of their biggest and most loyal fans. However and in years past, I couldn’t justify paying the steep $100+ ticket price for the other two times NKOTB performed in Dallas.

They say third times the charm and I guess that what prompted me to get a couple of girlfriends together so we could scream, dance, and sing along with NKOTB once again. We were looking forward to NKOTB performing with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men – other boy bands we loved decades ago.

Yes, we’re older, but seeing NKOTB perform brought me back to the age of 15. I found myself giggling at the fact that I was screaming, along with other fans, as the band sang and moved. Never mind the fact that earlier on we found ourselves following similar looking SUV’s and mini-vans into the parking lot entrance. We had a good laugh about that!!! Or that I found myself sleepy and with achy feet halfway into their concert.

What a way to relive my teen years! I had made the right decision by splurging on a concert ticket.

However, I was feeling buyer’s remorse for purchasing a $40 NKOTB shirt. Yikes, did I really buy a $40 shirt?!?!

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I downloaded NKOTB’s newest album entitled 10 and became a Twitter follower the following day.

Days later, a One Direction store opened up at the Shops at Park Lane. How could I deny my 10 year old a chance to visit the store when asked? I, more than anyone, understand her boy band affliction. I felt like I owed this visit to her after paying so much hard earned cash on a NKOTB concert.

Unlike me, she was quiet as she entered the store. I believe she was mesmerized by the enormity of store inventory. We took a few pictures, but she didn’t make much noise.

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My daughter walked away with a 1D charm bracelet and a fond boy band memory.

It’s official, boy bands have hit our household.

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