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Bottle Feeding a "From the Tap" Baby

My first kids loved bottles. Imagine my surprise when this guy turned out to be a directly from the tap sort of kid. It's true. These nipple unicorns do exist.

My son is three months old, and he's our third baby. I've had friends that have had to perform a Consumer Reports style focus group on a variety of nipples to convince their babies that they do in fact love to drink out of bottles. And then I've had friends who have had babies who won't take a bottle at all.

My first two slugged bottles down, in fact, they even seemed to prefer it. So imagine my surprise when this guy proved himself to be a directly from the tap sort of kid...


It's true. These nipple unicorns do exist.

So when Chicco asked me and my unicorn here to give the Chicco NaturalFit® newborn bottle a try, I jumped at the opportunity. While I love his intentions of saving me sterilizing time by only drinking from the tap, he's my third baby and the tap is not always available or at home. When I saw that the Chicco NaturalFit® bottle was specifically designed for an easy transition between breast and bottle, I thought we might just be able to convince this unicorn that we had a winner.

We gave it a try. And low and behold, it's true, we do have a winner.

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The breast-like bottle is designed for comfort feeding for him and comfort for me as well. He also latched right on and avoided some of the occasional gulpy eating sounds that he at times experiences while chugging directly out of the carton. With a variety of NaturalFit® nipples available for the future, he'll have the right size for each stage of his development.


And the best news is that unlike a unicorn, they are not hard to find. NaturalFit® bottles are available in three sizes for a suggested retail price of $8.99 each at Babies”R”Us, buybuy BABY, as well as other online shops.

Chicco generously provided my unicorn and I with the NaturalFit® bottles to review. However, our opinions are all our own, and trust me, he's very honest about his opinions.

Chicco is giving you a chance to win a Chicco NaturalFit® prize package stocked with over $200 in Chicco feeding gear and supplies. To enter to win follow the steps below:

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