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Books for Girls


I'm always trying to figure out how to instill confidence and motivation into my girls. I think the books they read, the games and sports they play and the role models they have are a big part of that. The other day I discovered a new website the other day chock full of amazing books for girls (thanks to my friend Lindsey on Pinterest).

books for girls

Here's What I Dug:

  • Books can be sorted by genre/category, age, price, award winners, etc.
  • There weren't so many that it was overwhelming
  • They also featured movies

I think it's a great little discovery tool for finding some good books for my girls. I could definitively refresh our collection right now!

My Favorite Books Growing Up

  • Little House on the Prairie
  • Ramona
  • The Castle in the Attic

My Favorite Books for my Girls

  • Ivy and Bean
  • Junie B. Jones
  • Jan Brett Books

What books do you love for your girls?

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