BOB Stroller Console Repair

You know I love the BOB Stroller.
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So when it came time for a double stroller, it was a no-brainer to go with BOB again (the Revolution Dualie).

You probably also know you have to buy the “console” separately.  This is the piece where your water bottle and phone go when you are out and about.  For my single, I bought the Stroller Strides Console.  It was $10 more, but it had a huge zip pouch and one water bottle holder instead of two.  I thought I’d be able to use the zippered area more than a drop-in area, and was/ am happy with it.  It has held up nicely and proven quite useful.

When we got the double stroller, I got the regular BOB console.  It took it about 10 excursions (if that) to show some wear and tear.  The top webbing was thin, and ripping with only my phone, sunglasses case, and small water bottle.  I safety pinned it together for a bit, then decided I could do better.

So I took some 1″ webbing from REI (like this or this) and laced it through the top and stitched it with my machine back and forth and back and forth (about 5 passes).  I didn’t do anything with the ends to prevent fraying, thinking I’d never be washing it so it wouldn’t matter.  You could burn the ends if you prefer.

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The edited version of the console is quite sturdy (as sturdy as the single BOB console I bought), and I am happy with it.  Having a place for my stuff as I am walking makes such a difference. I love the BOB again!