Blue Dawn and Vinegar Cleaning Solution

In my quest to find homemade cleaning solutions I have found my two favorites.
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My first is the Orange Vinegar cleaner and my second favorite is….. Blue dawn and vinegar. YEP, Vinegar is MAGIC! I really love learning about all of this. Its new to me and fascinating.

Cleaning Solution Ingredients

Here is what you’ll need for this cleaning solution: 

Blue Dawn (I buy the concentrate, so the big bottle for $3.00)

White distilled Vinegar $2.50 (I have rounded up the numbers for tax)

Spray bottle (you can find them at the dollar store for… $1.00)

Scrub sponges so you can hang them in the shower if you want.

Cleaning Solution Steps

I have tried the cleaning solution two ways. Bringing the vinegar to a boil then adding the Dawn OR not boiling the vinegar. Either way the results are the same. 1 1/2 c. vinegar and 1 c. blue Dawn. 

The One Simple Mistake To Avoid When Making This Cleaning Solution

Did you catch it? Here's a review: Pour into your spray bottle, tilted, not shaken. Meaning, if you shake the bottle you’ll get more foam and it won’t come out of the spray bottle. The Hack: Tilt the bottle back and forth slowly till its mixed.

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This is what you’ll end up with.

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Two ingredients that you’d already have in your house for a combined total of $7.00 spent on items. A concentrate amount of cleaner that will last about 6 months, depending on how much you deep clean.

I used this cleaner on my bathrooms, walls, dried up apple sauce on the wall and base boards, marker on the wall, blinds, the floor. I’ve been using this over a 3 month period now and I LOVE IT!!