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Black Friday Campers

I just returned from a quick trip to Best Buy, where I saw these tents outside...

I just returned from a quick trip to Best Buy, where I saw these tents outside. You can't see the biker dude with the pink headband standing in the back, but when I asked him what the tents were for, he said, "Waiting for electronics, whatever." I was stumped, and then realized, "Oooh! For Black Friday! But what are you doing tomorrow?"

"Waiting here."

Shoppers camped at Best Buy 2 days before Black Friday sales began.

Go Wildcats shoppers!

These two ladies and I speculated about some of the possible deals and what store might offer discounts on iPads and other big-ticket items. Deborah (sorry if I spelled your name wrong, honey!) has been researching these deals for weeks, and she's ready. See the little tip of gold Christmas tree outside her tent?

I'm going to try Black Friday this weekend, and still have no plan of attack. Midnight shopping, priority tickets handed out earlier, this store, that store...

For sure, I've got some work to do, and Formerly Phread's advice is where I'll start.

Good luck to Deborah and Steph, and to all you other shoppers out there! May the early bird get the deal. And if we're too tired to spend all night shopping, there's always Cyber Monday.


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Black Friday Bonanza!

Yes, I am one of those crazy, brave souls who actually participate in the annual ritual known as “Black Friday.”