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Two Very Different Births

Two different kids, two very different births, and two best buddies.

When I was pregnant with my now four year old daughter, I was COMPLETELY terrified to give birth. Like 100%, I don't know how this baby is going to get out of there, but I sure don't want to think about it, and I definitely don't want to hear your labor story, and I might have cried almost every day for the month leading up to it, terrified. I was so terrified that I wouldn't go to a birthing class because I was VERY worried there would be a video, and I definitely didn't want to see that. Someone had also pointed out to me that people in comas give birth, which somehow seemed reassuring to me. The baby would come out, whether I had seen a video or not.

My OB did finally talk me into a quick birthing class where she promised there was no video. Not true, there was a video, and my poor little husband turned SO white and felt so "wierd" that we had to actually leave the class halfway through. We were quite a pair.

My due date came and my due date went. Three days later my body performed a cleanse that can really only be described as a very violent stomach flu. After a grueling night of being up sick, my water broke and off to the hospital we went. Nine hours later, after an hour and a half of pushing, there she was.

I was dehydrated and looked a lot like I had been hit by a car. I literally gasped when I saw myself in the bathroom mirror. But she was worth it.

Two Very Different Births

Two and a half years later when I was nearing the end with my son, I was terrified of the pre-labor flu storm that I was sure was going to hit. Four days before his due date I limped off for my last appointment with my OB and got the word that I was going to be induced. Happy to avoid the storm, I walked into the hospital, not a limp noodle this time, and seven hours after we checked in, there he was. I pushed for fifteen minutes, and my hair even looked good when I was done. It was an entirely different experience. Even though he was a full two pounds heavier.

Two Very Different Birth Stories

They are as different as their labors, but they're best buddies, and I'm so glad they have each other.

Two Very Different Births

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