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Birthday Parties @ The Leonardo

The Leonardo Birthdays
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There are so many fun new options for birthday party themes at The Leonardo you might find it hard to choose! How about Art Circus, in the Lab, where you do face painting, collaging, clay creations and more? Or Cupcake Frosting or Ice Cream Making in Salt Bistro, making a miniature bust of a made-up or real hero in Render, or making little robots or rubber band powered cars in Tinkering. We’re the perfect birthday party venue for your child!

I spoke with Melissa Cecala, events and group sales manager at The Leonardo, about the birthday parties we offer, which are usually geared towards four to 15 year olds.

“Like our mission, we hope to inspire curiosity! The starting package includes a private room for up to two hours, a fun party host, a sound system, and each attendee creates their own unique party hat with the help of their host. Party parents provide the cake and decorations and parties are tailored to the age of the birthday guy/gal.”

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The real magic is in the activities that guests can add onto their package. We have a new list to choose from to make the party truly special, and – here’s the key – each party centers around a beloved area in the museum.

She said she thinks guests choose the Leonardo for birthdays because they know there is something here for everyone. “As one birthday child put it, ‘Duh.The Leonardois just the coolest!,'” she said. “We offer a unique and interactive experience, and adults often have as much fun as the kid, which is rare for birthdays! It is also the perfect birthday venue for tweens and teens. Older kids don’t seem to have a lot of options beyond arcades and sitting at home, and The Leonardo is the perfect alternative. In addition, it is easy to do themed parties based on their chosen activities and our current blockbuster exhibits.

“At one party, the bust statue of Leonardo was decorated with a birthday hat, streamers, and a balloon – so he could join the party too!”

We’ve received a lot of great feedback on the parties, with thank you cards describing them by parents and kids as “unforgettable,” “fantastico!,” “wonderful memories,” “kids groaned when they had to leave,” and “amazing.” Parents have frequently told us that guests considered their party the “best party they’ve ever been to”.

The Leo is expanding our repertoire of hands-on activities, and right now, we are in the process of unveiling the following incredible themes for birthday parties.

Title: Jitter Bots

Exploring electricity and mechanical motion by creating miniature robots in The Leonardo’s Tinkering Garage

Title: Rubber Band Powered Cars

Exploring simple machines (the wheel and axel, the pulley, the lever) to create a rubber band powered car.

Title: Mini Bust Hero Sculpting

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Create a miniature bust of a made up or real hero of your very own! Using “Super Sculpey” Participants will sculpt a hero of their choosing and will then be able to take it home!

Title: Sock Puppet Making

Design and decorate sock puppet avatar that represents yourself and have them star on The Leonardo’s green screen. Parents are encouraged to bring a video camera to document their performances.

Title: Movie Making Fun

To creatively plan out your story using story boarding templates which will then be used to direct the beats in your stop motion movie.

Title: Salt Bistro Cupcake Frosting

To express our individual creativity by frosting cupcakes with a variety of toppings.

Title: Salt Bistro Ice Cream Making

To learn the science behind ice cream! Participants will make their own ice cream from a delicious base, and will get to add toppings once finished!

Title: Art Circus in the Lab @ Leo

Enjoy Face painting, collaging, clay creations and more during this Art Circus party inside The Lab @ Leo!

Title: Scary Art Party

Participants will make a scary masks by repurposing surprising materials!

Title: Drawing Comics

Participants will learn how to create their OWN character. Not Disney. Not Japanimation. Not anybody but you!

The Leonardo is at 209 E. 500 South, Salt Lake City. Call Kylie Jermain,, 801.531.9800 ext. 126, or visit us at for more information.


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