Birthday Balloon Wreath

Now here’s a birthday party decoration that would make even a big kid jump for joy—a birthday balloon wreath!
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What I love about this project is that you can pull it out, year after year, and it will maintain its festive mojo as you navigate through each new and exciting party theme.

Curious George party? No problem!

Princess party? No problem!


See the detailed tutorial from How Does She, here.


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Today’s Mama

This week we’re celebrating the 5th Birthday of Today’s Mama and to kick off a week of celebratory posts, Erin is sharing some of her favorite posts from the last five years.

Rethinking Birthdays

Birthday parties today tend to loom large in children’s fantasies months ahead of the event. “I’m going to have a Batman party,” a four-year-old will announce right after his last birthday celebration.