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Big Miracle: Cast Interview Tidbits

My trip to LA to see Big Miracle and chat with the cast, was my first such experience. I picked the brains of Erica and Carina as they have both had the opportunity to enjoy this kind of blogger sit-down with the stars.

The “interview” is very casual and conversational and as the group meanders through questions related to the film, you get the occasional random thoughtful or entertaining tidbit.

What surprised me most, was how tentatively and humbly all of the cast entered the room. I expected the general vibe to be, “How lucky are you to be hanging out with me” but everyone that joined us was warm, engaging and down to earth.

The first actor to visit us was Kristen Bell.

Kristen and the bloggers. I’m on the far left...and appear to the the tallest woman alive. Kristen is the cutie in the middle.

Kristen and the bloggers. I’m on the far left...and appear to be the the tallest woman alive. Kristen is the cutie in the middle.

Kristen was so funny, so honest, and so charming. When asked to elaborate on Big Miracle and how all of the characters were working their own angle, she had this to share:

Everybody has their own agenda. It's not necessarily always for the greater good, but a lesson that I learned in my own life about that is that I find sanity as long as I'm not putting all of myself worth in my job.

Like, Jill Gerard [her character] is putting all of her validation, all of her self esteem in, "Can I get this job?" Kristen does not. I love doing movies and TV and I love doing great ones, and I've done some stinkers. Who cares? I don't identify whether or not I'm a good human being based on how respected I am in the acting community.

Since Big Miracle was filmed in Anchorage, Alaska, the location and traveling was a big part of our discussions with the cast. Kristen was asked if she preferred to do movies and go on location or do TV and stay in one place:

Without question the latter. Without question. I wasn't always that way, because traveling is very exciting, and you meet new people. And not many careers allow you to live in different cities comfortably throughout your career.

In the last sort of five years of my life, I think that I've planted roots a little bit and felt more like an adult. It devastates me to have to leave home. I'm such a home body. And the only thing I actually like to do is just close the doors and just cook and watch TV. I'd be fine without any interaction socially, other than my career.

Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski were fun to talk to together—they clearly enjoy each other’s company and made for an entertaining afternoon.

She is adorable. He has fantastic hair.

She is adorable. He has fantastic hair.

One of the members of our blogger group was a wonderful young lady named Riley from Kids Pick Flicks. She stole the show with this question:

In the movie, it looked like you weren't wearing any makeup. You pulled out the lipstick, and it was the one time that you were wearing makeup. So, did they put makeup on you in the movie? Because if they didn't, then you looked beautiful.

John Krasinski: Good night, everybody. That's how you end an interview.

Drew Barrymore:Oh, gosh. Thank you. I did wear a little tiny, tiny bit. I think that if you're happy on the inside what you can do with a little concealer is amazing.

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I like to play dress up, you know? Sometimes, I want to wear all pink and put on a lot of makeup and then, sometimes, it's sweat pants. I don't think there's anything more that I value than my sweatpants. I just like being at home and being cozy.

John also talked about how differently the Big Miracle story would play out now in light of the influence and flexibility of social media:

I personally believe that the time to believe in speaking up and having a voice and what can I do to help and all that is now. One Tweet, one Facebook page, one anything can start an entire movement for your favorite charity. You can get a pothole filled on Main Street. You can do whatever you want. Or, you can go all the way and start a revolution and be out in the streets of New York and start a national campaign, you know?

So, it's an incredibly powerful time to believe in getting together. And I think, innately, people have a goodness inside them that wants to bond with goodness in other people. Whether you believe in the same things or not, you can get together and do great things.

Ted Danson and Dermot Mulroney gave us a peak into their family life.

I look awkward because I just asked Ten Danson about his conjugal visits. Yeah.

I look awkward because I just asked Ten Danson about his conjugal visits. Yeah.

As all of us are parenting bloggers, a lot of us write a lot about the struggles of being a full-time working parent. Do you find challenges with that? 

Dermot Mulroney:I find challenges with that all the time, and sometimes it's almost impossible to manage. I have a mother-in-law who's young and vital, so she's indispensable. She only has a six-month visa, though. So, she can only be in this country precisely six months a year.

So, we use it like it's gold. And I had all this business, and this job came up. So, we get her for three weeks and send her back to Italy, because later, if I'm working, I'm going to need her to come back so that we don't go over the 180 days or whatever it is.

So, the whole thing is this incredibly intricate Web, like I'm sure most of you also have to deal with. I don't separate myself to any higher plain of complexity. 

Ted Danson:That's my queue, because I just became a first-time grandfather...

Dermot Mulroney:Nine days ago...

Ted Danson:And I think the reason why I took CSI, which is what I'm doing now, to be here in Los Angeles and to be able to be at the birth and to be able to hang around and babysit and do all of that and not be in Anchorage, Alaska. And to be able to work in town at my age is such a treat. I'm so grateful.

Big Miracle Poster

Big Miracle is in theaters TODAY. Go see it, you’ll love it. You can read my other cast interviews here and here if you need more convincing.

Brush up on your whale facts by visiting this wonderful Big Miracle Infographic (kids will love it). Plus check out the very special Twitter Sweepstakesfeatured within where 100 randomly selected Twitterers who follow @UniversalPics and include the hashtag #everybodyloveswhales will win a Big Miracle T-shirt!

*Thanks to Universal for sending me to LA to screen Big Miracle and visit with the cast. They paid the bill, but my opinions are my own.


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