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Big Girl Camera: Tips for Shooting in Manual

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In my quest to master my DSLR, I’m reading and re-reading all of the photography tips that I’ve collected via Pinterest.

It’s quite possible that I’m a slow learner. (I have several Math teachers that would agree with that statement...actually my math teachers would wager that I lack the ability to learn at all.) I choose to look at this slow build to DSLR mastery as honing my learning to cook or ski.

Each new teacher has their own spin and this Manual for Manual Camera Settings from Aimee Giese of Greeblemonkey is equal parts explanation and encouragement.

Image via Greeblemonkey

Image via Greeblemonkey

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Do yourself a favor and save that link—print it, pin it, slap it on your fridge. It’s a great one.

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