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Big Girl Camera: March in Photos

March was a big photo month for Erin—she shot all of these in MANUAL.

March was a big photo month for me—I shot all of these in MANUAL.

I took Photo 101 from Nicole’s Classes last month (you can read the full review here) and I had an amazing experience.

All the photography books and blogs I have read say that it takes time and practice to learn to shoot in manual, and I still have a lot of practicing to do, but I captured some shots that I really love this month.


Chatting up Daddy in the backyard.


Afternoon snacking.


After a nap. This boy is never without that blanket. I can’t find anything remotely similar. I’ve tried to convince him to love other blankets. No dice.


There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING that this girl loves more than a good photobomb.


If one photo could sum her up, this is it.


Naptime. I think it is sweet that he sleeps like she did when she was a babe. Bum in the air. See the corner of the blanket that he’s sleeping on?

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(I’ve been dying to get a good nap shot of him, but the presets on my camera couldn’t handle how dark the room was. Manual did the trick!)


In the time it took me to lay her brother down for a nap, she had snuggled up on the couch and fallen asleep. Not like all. A few hours later, a trip to the InstaCare would tell us why—Strep Throat.


Two kids on antibiotics (he had an ear infection) and trapped at home, leads to some creative play.


And some pleading to go ride her bike.


Finally everyone could go outside for a swing. She has a real knack for it.


He loves the swing and cries when it is time to get out.


It was finally time to tame his crazy hair a wee bit. I tried to cut it and gave him an EPIC mullet. My husband came home and immediately fixed it. He looks like such a little boy now.

Here’s hoping April is full of sunshine, more time outside, and maybe some first steps for that baby boy.

You still have a few more days to enter to win a spot in Photo 101 from Nicole’s Classes. Go enter! The class was amazing—I’m more in love with my camera than the day I received it.

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