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Big Girl Camera: January in Photos

The baby's crazy hair. A rare still moment for the girl. A trip to sunny LA. Average days at home. Here is my month in photos.

January was full. It seems to take a good month to wind down from the breakneck clip in which we move during the holidays.

I’m using my new camera every chance I get and reminding myself that mastering this DSLR will take time and practice.

But even technically imperfect images are wonderful if they capture that flickering moment. The baby’s crazy hair. A rare moment when the girl stands still.

With two small kiddos, I don’t have time to wait until I master this camera...I just have to click, click, click...

The baby that began the month as a stranded sitter, is now crawling.


Big sister back in preschool meant we could take our sweet time playing on the floor in the good light.


How can there already be four candles on that cake?


I took a trip to LA to see Big Miracle and chat with the cast. The beach was right outside the hotel.


I love my family dearly, but a hotel room like this to yourself for two nights does not suck.


I’m working on self portraits...self portraits where half my face is obscured by my camera...yes, I’m a little fuzzy on the concept too.

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The Santa Monica Pier at night. I only took 79 shots to get this one. I was waiting for my favorite rainbow color combo on the ferris wheel.


Up close.


I returned home in snowstorm. The next day my backyard looked like this.


Her coat. My hat. The focus isn’t great, but it’s still one of my favorites.


I was working on dinner when I noticed this scene unfolding. Toys everywhere. She’s in a diaper box. He’s still a stranded sitter. The dog’s looking out the front window. Chaos...and one day I’ll miss it.


How could I not?


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