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Big Girl Camera: February in Photos

Here's how we spent February. We were sick and then we partied.

Three things dominated my photography in February.

  1. I was sick, or nursing sick children, for most of the month.
  2. I participated in the February Photo-a-Day Challenge (and am pumped for March).
  3. My baby boy turned one!

The impact of #1 and #2 was that I didn’t spend a whole lot of time cuddling with my DSLR. This month was mostly about the iPhone.

But #3 meant that I hauled the big girl camera out in force for all the birthday festivities.

Here’s my February in photos....

The photo-a-day challenge was so much fun. Some daily prompts gave me an opportunity to capture an element of my day-to-day life that I wouldn’t usually snap a photo of. Stuff like my handwriting, a drink, my favorite get the drift.

february in photos_instagram collage_1

Other prompts offered me a chance to be creative and view my day through a completely different lens. “Green” was a photo of my favorite necklace. “Time” was a photo of my watch...a special gift from my husband when I graduated from college. That’s a photo keepsake I’m happy to have snapped.

february in photos_instagram collage_2

Again this month, I offer the disclaimer...I’m still learning how to use this DSLR. They may not be perfect, but these are my favorites from this February. (March photos will be better! I’m taking Photography 101, an online class from Nicole’s Classes. You should do it with me!)

The big girl got a sweet pair of swim goggles for Valentine’s Day.


This is one of those wild photos that only a mother could love. The pink nose and cheeks plus the disheveled hair from insisting we play outside on a chilly day.

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I didn’t take this one (obviously), but I love being in it. Happy Birthday, baby boy.


He’s taking his time with that cupcake.


By the time party number two rolled around, he was a cupcake eating PRO.


But he took some time to get on the ice cream bandwagon.


I’m not sure who is more excited about the tiny cars...him or her.


Welcome March! Here’s to more time outside and less time consuming cold medicine!

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