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Big Girl Camera: DSLR Photography Tips

I’ve been squirreling away these links to DSLR photography tips for awhile...waiting for the day when I would need them.
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I have been pining away for DSLR camera (fondly refereed to by Rachael and I as a “Big Girl Camera”) for years. I made saving for one a resolution last year. I’ve been squirreling away links to DSLR photography tips for awhile...waiting for the day when I would need them.

That day has come!

Actually, it came about a month ago when my dreamboat of a husband surprised me with an early Christmas gift. We were changing the sheets on the bed and when I pulled a pillowcase out of the laundry basket it was a wee bit heavy.

Inside was my new camera.

I cried.

Then I began pouring over all those DSLR photography tips that I’d filed away, determined to learn the ins and outs of this beautiful new camera.

Then I got overwhelmed.

The information I learned in the photography classes I took in high school and college has been edged out of my brain. Probably replaced with the words and gestures to Hickory-Dickory-Doc, and I no longer know an f-stop from my elbow.

So, I am slowly and steadily re-reading these tips. Pulling the camera out whenever I can to experiment with the settings and taking an awful lot of orange twinged indoor photos while shooting in manual.

When the occasion calls for it, I switch that bad boy to “Auto” and capture the moment. Was I going to miss getting a good photo of my girl tearing the wrapping paper off the bicycle that Santa brought her? No way.


So I’m going to keep working on figuring out how to make this camera sing. I’ll share all the bits and pieces I find along the way including all of the tutorials that I’ve been studying like a mad woman. Check them out...

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In the meantime, I’ll keep looking for the perfect light to capture the majesty of my son’s hair.


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