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Big Backyard Plans

Ladies, I’m feelin’ it. It’s time to get my backyard plans on.
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Last year, I undertook a few projects in the backyard. I spray painted my ancient wrought iron furniture, planted a big raspberry patch, tackled three new grow boxes, rocked my peach harvest and on a scale of 1-10 I give myself an 8 on weed control.

Here’s a peek at my favorite corner of our yard. Ignore the cute people (no offense neighbors), and focus on the gazebo covered in vines and the small glimpse of the massive pines shading that little spot I liked to call heaven.

And then tragedy struck in the form of a massive windstorm that blew over two huge 50+ foot pine trees that had previously been making my backyard rock. Here’s what it left me with:

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So basically, I’m gearing up for a backyard comeback!

My List of Backyard Plans:

Bean Teepee from Joyful Toddlers

I love the way this idea uses space.

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Movies in the Backyard

This has got to happen this summer. I want this exact set up!

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Outdoor Chalkboard

Erin found this. So what if I copy her. All the time.

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The Sandbox

Like a legitimate one. With nice sand. Not the impromptu mud pits that my kids attempt. I’m assigning this to my husband. Or maybe I’ll just order the one I pinned. I’m big about having a cover. There’s animals outside who have outputs that I don’t want input in my sandbox.

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A Little More Organization

I pinned this little idea from along with several other good garden organization ideas from the folks at BHG.

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Of course I’ve got to rebuild some sort of forest in my backyard. I’ll be looking at adding 3-5 trees in my backyard this year. Top on my list?

  • Anyone know of some really cheap 50 foot pine trees I can crane in?
  • Maple Trees
  • Fruit Trees

What special projects are you tackling this year? You can follow me and my garden board here on Pinterest!


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